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Eyebrow threading is a natural hair removal method

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Eyebrow threading is a classy and a natural hair removal method that will bring back your confidence and glamour. This simple, yet effective method is painless and comparing with other hair removal methods, it is very cheap!

The days when you had to ‘endure’ poorly shaped eyebrows simply because you cannot afford other hair removal methods is long gone. At Eye Style Incorporated, we use cotton threads that have antibacterial protection for eyebrow threading. This means you will never get an infection or irritation after the process is complete.

Wondering who will carry out the eyebrow threading? Aarti Sharma, who owns Eyebrow Threading in Indianapolis, works with a team of professionals that have been trained to do the threading. The process is not intrusive and will not pull on the skin surrounding the eyebrows. Sounds great! Right?

Eyebrow Threading in Indianapolis

The Benefits of Eyebrow threading…

It is safe

Eyebrow threading method is among the safest hair removal methods that will work perfectly for sensitive parts of the body especially the face.

Better control

Unlike other hair removal methods where the outcome is not guaranteed, eyebrow threading gives better control to the specialist carrying out the process. He will only remove what is unwanted, leaving your brows in great shape.


You will not get breakouts, ingrown hair or infections after eyebrow threading procedure. The thread used has antibacterial properties to ensure that nothing will go wrong during and after the process is complete.

Longer-lasting results

Though eyebrows threading is an inexpensive procedure, the results will last for a longer duration just like waxing. You will be able to stay for longer without worrying about how your eyebrows look like as they will be beautiful.

Other Services Offered at Eye Style Incorporated

At Eye Style Incorporated, we offer other exceptional services to ensure that you leave our studio with a new, classy look. Here are some of the services you will get from us:

Having unwanted hair on the upper lips removed is daunting for most people. Some method such as waxing will result in intense pain and this is why we chose to provide a safer method. With threading, we will be able to remove unwanted hair on the upper lips painlessly.

The process requires professionals that know the right procedure that will guarantee great results. You will not suffer from boils and bruises when you come to us for upper lip threading as our specialists are highly qualified for the job in Eyebrow Threading in Indianapolis

Threading is not just for the eyebrows! You can use the method to remove unwanted sideburns. At our studio, our specialist will use the threading method following the same procedure as that of eyebrow threading. The process is really fast which means you will have the sideburns removed and get on to the other tasks for the day.

If you have a sensitive skin, do not worry… threading hair removal method can be done on any skin type where immediate and great results will be achieved in Eyebrow Threading in Indianapolis. The process will be repeated after a few weeks but with time, you will stay for longer as the sideburns will be too thin to notice.

We can do chin threading as well! At Eyebrow Threading in Indianapolis, IN, we are able to professionally remove unwanted chin hair through this pain-free threading method. Because our professionals are experienced, they will carry out the process within a short time and you will have achieved that amazing look you have always craved for.

The process is safe and since there will be no use of chemicals, you can be assured that the process will not result in any side effects. Do not just go to any spa; come to us where you will be guaranteed the best results.

After we carry out an eyebrow threading procedure, we would love to carry out a forehead threading to give you a complete look. The same thread that will be used for removing unwanted eyebrows will also be used for forehead hair removal method.

As we carry out a forehead threading procedure, you will feel unusual but there will not be any intense pain. None of the hair will be left behind however tiny which is unlike other hair removal methods like waxing that will leave behind the tiniest hairs.

Though threading is mostly used for eyebrows, it can also be used to remove unwanted hair on any part of the face. The process will take a short time and from the reports from most of our clients, there will be no pain during and after the process.

The process will take some time as the face is a little extensive and you need to prepare to stay a little longer.  Our specialist will ensure that by the end of the process, no unwanted hair will be left on your face. You will fall in love the new, hair-free look!

When you come to us for dermaplaning, we will use a scalpel to scrape off the unwanted top layer of the skin that comprises of dead skin cells. When we do this, a smoother and a brighter skin will be revealed which will give you a youthful, vibrant look.

You will not have to fear any ugly incidents when you come to our studio for dermaplaning. All our professionals are highly trained and the tools used in the process are of the highest quality. We have gained a lot of experience in this field for the many years we have been in operation.

Whenever you need to have dermaplaning done, come to us. We know what will work best for you as we have worked with all skin types in the past.

Want to transition from your not-so-beautiful natural hair into a more sophisticated look on your hair? We have a solution for you! We apply natural extensions that will not damage or break your natural hair.

Our natural hair extensions are also tangle-free and you, therefore, do not have to worry that they will be damaged after wearing them for a few days. We have different methods of application and you will choose the one that will work best for you. The cost is affordable and considering that most of the extensions can be re-used, they are worth the cost that you will pay for them.

You want to change the color of your natural eyebrows? We can do that as well! At Eye Style Inc. we will apply a gentle dye, a process that will take about 15 minutes. We will get the brows a shade darker and if you are among those that have sparse brows, you will love the effect of the tinting.

The effects of eyebrow tinting will take about six weeks after which they will get back to their original color. You can come back for a touch up if you want to retain the new look.

At Eye Style Inc, we use real henna when applying a temporary tattoo on all our clients. The outcome is excellent and there will be no negative reactions after the application.

Whenever you need a henna application, come to our studio. We will not only make a beautiful tattoo, but the outcome will also last longer.

We also do facials at our spa which will help you to get rid of those unwanted blemishes, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, regenerate your skin, and make your skin glow with beauty.

We have different types of facials and your choice will depend on your skin type and what you want to achieve. If you are not sure about the right facial for your skin type, we will help you to make that choice.

We can Mix and Match your lashes based on your facial structure.

At Eyebrow Threading in Indianapolis Incorporated, we are always striving to ensure that we keep up with the current trends in the market. This is why we are moving to our new location close to where we were previously located. Any time you need convenient, better and fast services, come to our studio and we will ensure that you get the best services.

Call us today on 1 (317) 390-4305 or (317) 500-3166 and book your appointment with one of our specialist or talk to Aarti Sharma, who owns our spa.

We are not just an Eyebrow threading Studio; we are an answer to all your beauty needs!

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